15th Annual VMworld Conference: VMware Product News

Author: Joshua Andrews, Senior Data Center Architect

Joshua Andrews is a post-sales architect for Eastern Computer Exchange and concentrates on delivering the VMware portfolio for clients. With a background in automation, security and networking, Andrews is continually looking to find creatively simple solutions to cutting-edge problems. In his spare time Andrews blogs about technology and certifications at https://sostechblog.com/

VMware’s 15th Annual VMworld conference, celebrating VMware’s 20th anniversary, was held in Las Vegas last week. I had the privilege of witnessing a number of exciting product announcements and updates that were rolled out before and during the conference.

VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere

Released on Aug. 21, update 6.4.2 to the product formerly known as NSX-V, VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere now includes added hardware VTEP support, additional context-aware firewall support and a firewall rule hit counter.

VMware Certifications

Two new VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) Deploy certifications and a new VMware Certified Professional certification were announced—all sporting the new naming convention that now includes the year the certification was achieved rather than the product version.

VMware Cloud on AWS

During the conference, several VMware Cloud on AWS-related announcements were made, including:

Service availability in Sydney, Australia, with a roadmap that includes service in South America by Q1, 2019.

The availability of Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage (EBS) as an option for backing the vSAN datastore on your VMC-on-AWS cluster. This is expected to result in lower storage costs while allowing flexibility in how much storage is available to your cluster. While previously each host had 10 TB of storage available, the EBS option allows for 15 to 35 TB of storage to each host.

Lower prices. A 3-host option was announced, along with a 50% reduction of the initial cost to get started. Additionally, purchases of the new vSphere Platinum SKU (described below) will include $10,000 credits for VMC on AWS—good for about 600 hours of a 3-host cluster.

Cloud-based vSAN datastores which can be encrypted and managed with the AWS Key Management Service.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) on VMware

VMware announced a preview for the ability to run Amazon’s RDS in a local VMware environment. This will provide locally the scalability and operational features of RDS, with a path for hybrid databases spanning local and AWS-based environments. RDS on VMware will support MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MariaDB when it is generally available.

vCloud Director

VMware vCloud Director 9.5, the latest version of the cloud service provider product, was announced which includes NSX integration, native integration with EMC’s Avamar Data Protection product and a full HTML5 UI.


VMworld also featured vSphere-related announcements that included:

  • vSphere 6.7 Update 1, which now has 100% functionality in the HTML5 client and the ability to migrate external Platform Services Controllers (PSC) to embedded PSCs.
  • A new edition of vSphere called vSphere Platinum, which is a new SKU combining vSphere Sphere Enterprise Plus 6.7 Update 1 with VMware App Defense. While the Security-as-a-Service offering was announced at VMworld 2017, vSphere Platinum now includes a new vSphere plugin to allow App Defense visibility inside of vSphere. You also get $10,000 credits for VMware Cloud on AWS, assuming you purchase at least 5 CPUs of Platinum.
  • Support of ARM processors for ESXi, which is part of VMware’s effort to push the Edge. Demonstrated during the keynote showing ESXi running on ARM processors and managing a windmill farm, this will expand VMware’s capabilities into more environments.

Project Dimension

This new effort aims to deliver SDDC infrastructure and hardware as-a-service to on-premises locations. Think VMC on AWS, but on site (though probably not as easy to scale).

If you did not make it to VMworld this year you can view most of the sessions here.

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