HCX Overview

Author: Dave Davis Sr. Data Center Architect

As more organizations leverage the capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS, it’s essential to understand the connectivity options: VPN, Direct Connect and Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX). I recently had the privilege of deploying HCX in our Technical Solutions Center (TSC). Today’s discussion aims to provide a high-level overview of HCX and the associated components. Before […]


15th Annual VMworld Conference: VMware Product News

Author: Joshua Andrews, Senior Data Center Architect

VMware’s 15th Annual VMworld conference, celebrating VMware’s 20th anniversary, was held in Las Vegas last week. I had the privilege of witnessing a number of exciting product announcements and updates that were rolled out before and during the conference. VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere Released on Aug. 21, update 6.4.2 to the product formerly […]


The Data Center is Not Dead – Why Bimodal Matters

Author: Eric Tomasello, Director, Cloud Solutions

If it’s in the cloud it must be better. Right? Not necessarily. Without a doubt, the cloud is a hot topic these days as more and more senior executives are pushing for a cloud-first strategy. While cloud-based computing can be an important part of an effective IT roadmap, ignoring the on-premise environment could prove costly. […]


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