Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

New generations of applications are generating exponentially more data every day in new and different ways, putting more pressure on IT organizations to leverage a cost effective storage platform that can scale quickly and offer extreme platform flexibility.  Most of these next generation applications are being written specifically to take advantage of an object storage platform, leveraging its rich meta-data capabilities and extraordinary scaling ability.

Dell EMC has delivered a software defined object storage platform that not only aligns with next generation application workloads, but offers a very cost effective way to provide alternatives to legacy platforms that requires little, if any, modification to data access mechanisms.

The capabilities of the massively scalable flat address space that object storage platforms like ECS™ provides are truly unique, and solve the needs of many storage workloads much better than legacy file system based platforms.

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Delivers On All Points of Object Store Innovation:

  • Algorithmic data replication with active/active access
  • Commodity hardware support
  • Automatic geo-dispersed data protection
  • Enhanced metadata

Dell EMC has taken the object store platform to a new level of enterprise capability and integration to provide an industry first on premise solution, giving enterprise IT a strong suite of capabilities:

  • Global scale-out namespace
  • In-place Hadoop analytics with native HDFS support
  • Support for many public and private APIs, including S3 and Swift
  • Erasure coded and replicated data protection
  • Built in journaling, snapshots, and versioning of all content
  • Multi-tenant architecture allowing  almost infinite scalability and support for cloud scale environments
  • On premise data security
  • Active/active global data access

Eastern has architected and deployed the ECS platform at multi-petabyte scale for some of the world’s largest media and retail operations.  Eastern’s architecture and delivery resources have guided our global customers through application integration, big data lake, and archival service offerings built on Dell EMC ECS’ unique on premise cloud delivery model.  Many of these projects have included reclaiming data stored in expensive and less secure public clouds.





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