Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud reality demands operational consistency – requiring the flexibility to choose the right cloud for each app/workload and migrate between clouds based on changing business needs.

Does your IT Infrastructure meet your requirements for performance, reliability, flexibility, competitive advantage, and other cost benefits? We can help you answer that question and help you consider next steps.

Eastern – recognized as a DELL EMC and VMware Expert and strategic partner – helps businesses leverage hybrid clouds for best-in-class customized cloud results.

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS seamlessly supports workloads on-premises and in the public cloud, and provides the flexibility to choose where the workloads run. It’s a best-in-class hybrid cloud service that brings VMware enterprise-class SDDC software to the AWS Cloud, delivered as an on-demand service with access to AWS services including storage, databases, analytics, and more.


VMware vRealize Suite Cloud Management Platform

vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management suite that delivers the industry’s most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud. Key benefits include:

  • Intelligent Operations: Proactively detect and remediate issues and ensure performance and availability, from applications through the entire infrastructure stack and across multi-cloud environments.
  • Developer Cloud: Accelerate application delivery across both traditional and container based applications by giving developers the freedom to use the tools that make them most productive while still ensuring that applications can be moved seamlessly from developer laptop to production.
  • IT Automation: Automate the delivery of production ready infrastructure across multi-cloud environments through automation and policy driven governance, reducing the time it takes to respond to requests for IT services.

Operations Monitoring and Reporting

Eastern proactively identifies and solves emerging issues with predictive analytics and smart alerts. Resource contention is resolved with intelligent workload placement, enabling optimum performance and availability of applications and infrastructures across VMware® vSphere®, Hyper-V, Amazon and physical hardware. What is gained is complete visibility in one place, across applications, storage and network devices, with an open and extensible platform supported by third-party management packs for Microsoft, SAP and more.  Eastern enables businesses to increase efficiency by streamlining key IT processes with out-of-the-box and customizable policies, guided remediation and automated enforcement of standards. Customers ultimately optimize performance, capacity and compliance while retaining full control.

Digital Transformation and Native Hybrid Cloud™ (NHC™)

In today’s dynamically changing digital economy, rapid application development and shortened release cycles are the new normal. DevOps, leveraging continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), a more integrated operating model and culture between developers and IT, can provide a competitive edge. But, shifting to DevOps is difficult without the right development platform and tools. Cloud-native platforms address this need. Cloud-native refers to a new software architecture that enables agile application development that follows cloud-native principles, a shift toward microservices versus monolithic app stacks, and embraces container infrastructure abstraction models.

Many Enterprise customers have spent months – and in some cases years – trying to “build” their own cloud-native stacks, and now realize that deploying these stacks is difficult. Maintaining them after “day two” operations (update/maintain/report/support) is nearly impossible. Many have also suffered through multiple waves of developers that come and go, leaving unfinished pilots that were unsuitable for full production, and were not adequately designed to be supported and sustained for future evolution and growth.

Native Hybrid Cloud is a fully turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry® developer platform that’s ready to use in hybrid operating models in as little as two days.  Native Hybrid Cloud helps enterprises realize the promise of cloud-native applications and DevOps with an “It Just Works” experience. The platform has the following components, all validated to work together:

  • Continuous Innovation Cloud Native Platform – Native Hybrid Cloud leverages Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the industry-leading cloud-native platform. Pivotal Cloud Foundry delivers platform capabilities that enhance developer productivity, enable operational excellence and provide enterprise grade security, scalability, high availability and operational control, so customers can accelerate their time to market for software solutions. Developers can more quickly design, build, deploy, and scale cloud-native applications because of the tight integration of Native Hybrid Cloud IaaS with Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Applications built using Cloud Foundry are truly portable and can elastically run on any cloud – private or public.
  • DevOps Services – Native Hybrid Cloud brings developers a rich set of services for deploying, scaling and managing the application life cycle while providing IT the visibility, control and financial insights by including logging, monitoring and reporting, showback, application performance, big data analytics, and management and automation through open APIs. For enterprise seeking real-time business insights, NHC offers an add-on option that produces a comprehensive toolkit for data scientists to perform big data analytics, delivering more differentiated value.
  • Turnkey – but flexible choices for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) On-Premises and Off-Premises Options –Native Hybrid Cloud is built on the VxRack™ System 1000, a hyper-converged rack-scale infrastructure providing a turnkey IaaS experience for application development, deployment, and operations. On VxRack System 1000, customers can choose the cloud software stack based on their preference: VMware vSphere on FLEX Nodes for customers looking to leverage what they know, a turn-key OpenStack® option for those wanting to leverage the OpenStack ecosystem on Neutrino Nodes. In the near future, VMware Photon™ Platform will be supported on Neutrino Nodes, along with data fabric options including, but not limited to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Dell EMC Neutrino Nodes deployed in VxRack System 1000 include a simple rack-scale management and orchestration capability for cloud-native IaaS stacks, dramatically simplifying day two operations and scaling infrastructure elastically to match the needs of the developers – making what used to be complex now simple and predictable.
  • For customer deployments that require an off-premise IaaS option, Dell EMC Native Hybrid Cloud offers day one support for leading public clouds: Virtustream®, VMware vCloud® Air™, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or Microsoft Azure.

For customers initially looking for a cloud-native IaaS system, VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes and FLEX Nodes for cloud-native, IaaS is a great option because it speeds the provisioning of resources based on open source technologies to less than one hour.

For many enterprise businesses, Native Hybrid Cloud aligns closer to the agile development strategy as it delivers a turnkey developer platform for cloud-native applications.

Fully supported end-to-end by Dell EMC, sustained as one product and deployable in days, Native Hybrid Cloud enables enterprises to significantly reduce the cost, time, complexity and uncertainty associated with building, deploying and maintaining a cloud-native solution and navigating the cultural shift to DevOps.



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