“By 2019, approximately 30% of the global storage array capacity installed in enterprise data centers will be deployed with SDS or Hyper-Converged integrated system architectures based on x86 hardware systems, up from less than 5% today” – Gartner

Today’s digital businesses require modern data centers that are agile, scalable, highly virtualized, software defined, and automated, to support today’s modern applications and business requirements. A major part of modernizing the data center is the modernization of the infrastructure itself.


Why a Modern Data Center Makes Sense

A Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) will bridge the gap between modernized, efficient virtualization platforms and lagging storage performance by collapsing compute, storage and networking onto the server and virtualizing.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is a fundamental building block for the SDDC, because it enables the agility and speed that the SDDC requires—without exorbitant costs. HCI collapses compute, storage and management into software that runs on a unified platform that enables single location management and seamless integration of all workflows – delivering services that were previously provided via hardware through software.

Eastern is a Premier strategic partner with VMware, an industry-leading software company that provides foundational components for HCI, converging compute, storage and management onto a single, integrated layer of software that can run on industry-standard hardware. VMware is the ONLY vendor who provides such a level of integration.

By deploying VMware best in class solutions, Eastern has successfully modernized enterprise data centers by architecting customized end to end solutions to meet individual customer business goals.

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HCI powered by VMware vSAN – available through a broad set of deployment options for greater customization – is composed of three differentiating and best in class solutions:

  • VMware vSphere® – the hypervisor that defines the industry standard
  • VMware vCenter Server™ – a unified and extensible management solution
  • VMware vSAN™ – a software-defined, enterprise-class storage solution that is uniquely embedded in the hypervisor

5 Reasons to Choose Hyper Converged Infrastructure Powered by VMware vSAN

VMware vSAN Ready Nodes – Pre-certified servers that make an ideal building block for data center environments. More than 150 pre-certified vSAN Ready Nodes are available from all major x86 server vendors.

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VMware Cloud Foundation – A consistent infrastructure platform that delivers cloud flexibility and choice, simplifying the deployment and management of all software-defined compute, storage and network resources through vSphere, vSAN and NSX.

VMware vCloud Air Network – A global ecosystem of cloud providers offering validated services based on VMware technology.


DELL EMC Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Eastern, combined with the Converged Platforms Division of Dell EMC®, deliver industry-leading converged and hyper-converged infrastructure platforms to simplify the state of IT, modernize datacenters and help transform your business. Converged Infrastructure (CI) solutions deliver business outcomes by bringing together virtualization, networking, compute, and storage to simplify datacenter operations and transform modern enterprise IT.  And as we like to say, not all converged infrastructure solutions are created equal. Only Dell EMC’s CI is engineered, manufactured, maintained, supported and sustained as a single system.  And only the Dell EMC CI portfolio offers convergence at datacenter scale to enable resource sharing and simplify operations.

The Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure Solutions Deliver 3 Key Benefits for Our Customers:

  • Faster installation with onsite deployment measured in hours as opposed to weeks.
  • Simple on-going management – our customers tell us they spend upwards of 41% less time administering a CI system compared to the hours spent every day (and across multiple individuals) with maintaining a traditional approach.
  • 96% less application downtime through the elimination of integration & validation errors.

These important benefits combine to translate into a lower TCO, and more time spent on innovation.

As a DELL/EMC TITANIUM Partner, Eastern can architect and deliver converged and hyper-converged infrastructure based on Vblock® Systems, VxBlock™, VxRack™ and VxRail™ product families.

SDDC/Hyper-Converged Infrastructure sales sheet for download.