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It is projected that 80% of organizations will be committed to hybrid architectures by 2018 – today!

To maximize the benefits of cloud models, organizations need a holistic cloud strategy that merges the private and public clouds. VMware Cloud on AWS leverages the SDDC technologies you know and trust with the world’s most popular public cloud to deliver the best in class solution to your IT business imperatives.

VMware Cloud on AWS accelerates innovation, facilitates faster response to change and optimizes costs.

Launch Products and Services Faster

To launch products and services faster, organizations must extend capacity quickly while maintaining consistent infrastructure and operations. Although some methods of migrating apps to the cloud can require complicated re-architecting, VMware Cloud™ on AWS allows you to leverage your existing tools and skills to achieve:

  • Reduced cost of ownership.
  • Operational scalability.
  • Improved IT agility.

Best-in-class Hybrid Cloud Service

VMware Cloud™ on AWS seamlessly supports workloads on premises and in the public cloud for a best-in-class hybrid cloud service. Read our FAQ for deep insights on how this intelligent marriage of VMware and AWS can help you to:

  • Protect, extend, and consolidate data-center investments.
  • Scale capacity up or down for any workload—all without friction.
  • Leverage your existing teams, skills, tools, and processes.

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VMware Cloud™ on AWS provides an operationally consistent hybrid cloud management experience for Rapid Time to Value – all on the VMware compute, storage and network virtualization platform. Your SDDC will:

  • Run the broadest range of apps.
  • Deliver Enterprise-grade capabilities.
  • Provide fast, frictionless, seamless integration.



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